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Amanda I.

Working with Adeline was hands down the best choice we made in preparing for our daughter’s birth. At our first meeting we were comforted by Adeline’s calm demeanor & knowledgeable explanations of the birth process. She put me at ease and helped me to look forward to the birth with confidence rather than fear. Before the birth she checked in daily  and was available to chat through concerns. Talking with Adeline feels like equal parts friend & therapist, and I leave conversations feeling empowered to tackle the next hurdle.

During labor Adeline reminded me of my options so I could make informed decisions. She gave me the encouragement and support that moved us forward and gave me power. Adeline is confident in her role and easily connected with our nurse and midwife. We heard frequent compliments about our fabulous doula. When I was unexpectedly taken to the OR after the birth, Adeline was with my wife and baby. I take solace in the fact that during this terrifying time my wife had Adeline by her side offering genuine love and compassion.

Due to a postpartum hemorrhage, my recovery has been challenging. I don’t know how I could make it through this without Adeline’s help. Knowing that I have an understanding ear a text or a call away has been invaluable. She has helped me to normalize my experiences and connect my postpartum challenges to what my body went through during the birth. Adeline asks thoughtful questions and is a supportive listener. One of my best postpartum days was spent on my couch, talking with Adeline, and just feeling comforted by her presence. As I look back on the birth over the years I’ll always carry huge gratitude for Adeline. She is a powerful light and has made this sometimes dark postpartum period bearable.

I highly recommend Adeline to any family. She’s a great doula and an incredible human being. You would be so lucky to have her along for your journey.

Richard F.

Adeline is an amazing doula and an incredible human being. (This review comes from the husband's point of view.) We met Adeline a coffee shop one afternoon after meeting two other doulas. We felt okay with the first two but as soon as we parted ways with Adeline that day my wife and I instantly agreed she would be the one. To be honest, I had no clue what a doula was, but I was also totally unaware of what a natural birth would entail. I'm not a book reader. I learn by listening and doing. Adeline was so clear in explaining all the ins and outs of labor and birth by the time the big day came I was an expert.

Fast forward to 3:30am when Adeline shows up at our apartment with my wife contracting every 4 minutes. I'm a nervous wreck and at about 8am, I faint on our living room floor.  Adeline is rubbing my back while also comforting my wife mid-contraction. Amazing. She really shined at the hospital. She had a great rapport with the labor nurses and the doctors. She was able to coach me through my wife's strong contractions. Adeline also was great on educating us about all the hospital procedures, from the hot tub to the I.V. Heck, she even caught my wife's undigested lunch in a motion sickness bag. I mean, who does that? Overall Adeline is an unbelievable gift from the heavens. I wholeheartedly recommend her as doula and would gladly use her again if we ever decide to go crazy and have another child.

Caitlin F.

It's taken me over 3 months to write this testimonial, largely because I have a newborn, but mostly because conveying the importance of Adeline's role in my birth story feels utterly impossible. In short, she singlehandedly made my 5 days of labor bearable. From laboring at home to hospital transfer to induction to what ultimately ended in a cesarean, Adeline was there to provide emotional support through every difficult step and advocated for my needs without a moment of hesitation.

Adeline has a fierce love of birthing womyn and babies, she has a suggestion for every moment of uncertainty, and boundless support for every plan made. She is incredible at what she does and I know that I would not have felt that we had done absolutely everything possible to have a vaginal birth were it not for Adeline's unwavering ability. I don't ever want to go through labor without her–she's so so so amazing. I really can't say enough good things about Adeline or the work she does.

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