For Current Clients


when to call

Call Adeline immediately if:

  1. You believe your water has broken
  2. You are having more than 4 painful contractions per hour
  3. You believe you are in labor
  4. You are contacting your care provider because you believe you are in labor

She will discuss with you when the best time to join you will be. Please call early and often, even in the middle of the night, even if you don't need in-person support yet.

While you're in early labor, sleep, eat, and hydrate as much as you can. A warm bath and a glass of wine can help you get a nap (check with your care provider first). A meal with carbs, protein, and fat is best, but make sure it's one you wouldn't hate to see come back up!

How to call

If you are experiencing signs of labor:

  1. Call Adeline's cell phone at 206-395-4274.
  2. If no answer, page Adeline's labor pager by calling 206-469-9090, then entering your phone number followed by the # key and hanging up. If you do not receive a call back within 5 minutes, page again.
  3. If no answer, call Adeline's sister and partner (phone numbers available in your email).
  4. If no answer after repeated calls and pages, and you need immediate support, contact the backup doulas (phone numbers available in your email).

Adeline has never missed a call or page. These instructions are only for emergencies.

While you're waiting for her to join you, try exercises to engage baby's head. If you're having back pain, try abdominal lifts during contractions. You can also do the "Fantastic Four."



Chiropractors: Sarah Deam, DC, Cherity Hooyman, DC, Tara Rohrbach, DC

Acupuncture and craniosacral: Samara White, L.Ac. LMT

Community acupuncture: Jasmine Bay, L.Ac.

Prenatal massage: Jessica Mascher, LMP

Labor tub rental: Labor Tubs Northwest

Exercises for optimal fetal positioning: Spinning Babies

Childbirth classes: Penny Simkin, PT, Sharon Muza, CD(DONA)

Childbirth classes for LGBTQ families: Maia Midwifery

Childbirth classes for families of color: Fertile Ground Community Birth and Apothecary, Life Doula Services

Favorite out-of-hospital midwives: Fertile Ground Midwives, Journey Midwives, Seattle Home Maternity, Maia Midwifery

Favorite in-hospital providers: Kaiser midwives at Swedish First Hill, Swedish Midwifery at First Hill and Ballard, Meridian Women's Health at Northwest Hospital (any provider), Dr. Luba Foltz at Seattle OB/GYN, Dr. Kirsten Hansen-Day with Country Doctor

Preparing older siblings class: Penny Simkin, PT

Prenatal colostrum expression: La Leche League

Birth photographers: Sayeh Azarpay, Michelle Ann Henley

postpartum resources

Lactation consultants: Joy MacTavish, IBCLC, Shannon Demiter, IBCLC, Catherine Fenner, IBCLC, Camie Goldhammer, IBCLC

Lactation support group: Lactation Lounge with Camie Goldhammer and interns, Thursdays 10am-12pm at 3545 S Hudson St and 1pm-3pm at Puget Sound Birth Center Renton

Hand expression video: Stanford Medicine Newborn Nursery

Hands-on pumping video: Stanford Medicine Newborn Nursery

Getting a good latch video: Stanford Medicine Newborn Nursery

Paced bottle feeding: KellyMom

Answers to any breastfeeding question you've ever had: KellyMom

Database of medications and their compatibility with breastfeeding: Infant Risk, LactMed

Mood disorders support: Perinatal Support Washington

Birth trauma processing therapy: Leslie Butterfield, Ph.D.

Parenting support group: PEPS, Listening Mothers

Pelvic floor physical therapy and diastasis recti treatment: Dr. April Bolding, PT, CCE, CD

Placenta encapsulation: Michelle Walker, Patanjali Sacha

Expert listening sessions: Jennifer Mendelson