"We are the daughters of the witches you could not burn."


Adeline hails from Arizona, but doesn't miss the heat one bit. She gave birth to her only daughter Maisie at home in the water in January 2016. She has been a birth doula since 2013 and a full spectrum doula since 2012. She loves growing her urban farm, pickling, yoga, hiking, reading, environmentalism, and karaoke. She is still nursing Maisie and (mostly) loves it. She hopes to help create a world that will support and nurture strong, fierce, fearless women and girls.


"The right to have children, the right to not have children, and the right to parent our own children in safe and healthy environments."

As a strong feminist, Adeline believes it is your right to decide exactly what happens with your body. That extends past simply the choice to be pregnant or not--that includes the right to decide how you would like to give birth, and to have a say in anything that happens to your body. Supporting women and birthing people as they transition from pregnancy into parenthood is Adeline's passion.